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Compact UVB
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Compact UVB

Manufacturer: Exo Terra

Size: 13W

Price: From £23.50

Without the sun's energy, all life on earth would cease to exist. It is by the sun's energy that all life forces are driven. Without it, our planet would quickly radiate away its own energy in short order, making all life extinct.

Although light is much more complex, there are only three facets of light that are important for reptile husbandry: ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. In order to create these three biological aspects of sunlight artificially, Exo Terra has developed several specialized lights. Reptiles require appropriate and high quality lighting in order to meet certain different metabolic needs.

As it is almost impossible to accommodate all of these needs in a single light source, a combination of different light sources is necessary in most cases. The table above will help you in making the right lighting choice.