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Bamboo Forest Large
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Bamboo Forest Large

Manufacturer: Exo Terra

Size: 45 x 45 x 60cm

Price: £150.00

The Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit comes with all the components necessary for a successful start.

All components are based on the knowledge gathered during years of research in the Madagascar bamboo forests. The ingenious Exo Terra Natural Terrarium with the researched bamboo ornament and background will provide the ideal micro habitat for a variety of species.

The Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit for reptiles and amphibians is a direct result of the years of research in the Madagascar bamboo forests. Over the past few years, the Exo Terra research team, led by Emmanuel Van Heygen, has thoroughly documented the species that occur in this micro habitat and its micro climatological properties.

The team also noticed that many of the reptiles, especially day geckos, “milk” insects for food. These special insects release a certain amount of sugary nutritious secretion extracted from the bamboo leaves and poles. Exo Terra’s Day Gecko Food can be placed in a special cavity in one of the Bamboo poles in the included bamboo ornament to mimic this.

The special bamboo ornament in this kits ensures that the reptiles and amphibians housed in this kit have secure hiding places, a food station and always water available in the numerous cavities incorporated in this very specific ornament. The smooth surface of both the bamboo background and ornament provide the perfect vertical dwelling surface for a number of species, especially geckos and frogs, just like in nature.

The Small Bamboo Forest Habitat kit is ideal for a variety of smaller reptile and amphibian species. The Large Bamboo Forest Habitat kit is ideal for a variety of medium sized reptile and amphibian species.